Landscape Technologies is a landscape architectural practice providing the following services:


• Master Planning
• Site Planning and Design
• Themed Design
• Site Analysis and Evaluation
• Bio-Rentention Landscape
• Project Management / Construction Administration
• Landscape Planting Design
• Hardscape Design
• Cost Estimation
• Irrigation Design
• Lighting Design

Landscape Technologies has, as an ultimate goal, aimed to provide quality planning and design services to shape the natural and built environment in functional and innovative ways. This is especially true where quality of life issues are important, such as park planning and assisted care facilities. These services are provided in a fair and consistent way. We are not a practice that will rely on past achievements but consider each new project a beginning toward greater things to come. Landscape Technologies was founded in April, 1994 and our goal was and still is to provide landscape architectural services unique to this area. We believe that, on some projects, an interdisciplinary approach to solving design problems is advantageous to the client. For this reason, we maintain close working relationships with civil engineers, architects, contractors, arborists and soil engineers. In some cases, we perform as team leader and in other cases, we act as a team member.  Founder  Randall W. Mardis is richly involved in community and volunteer efforts as well as the American Society of Landscape Architects. In 2010, Mr. Mardis was awarded the Goetz Award as a testament to his high ethics, mentoring of young landscape architects and his professionalism in his practice.

Our past project roster includes working with private clients, government agencies and developers in urban planning, park and recreation facilities, commercial and office developments, schools, retirement facilities, housing developments and individual residences. We take pride in the ability to take a project and design a creative solution for the client while minimizing both project costs and environmental impacts.

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